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Accurate Description and Detail in Every Sale

Ordering Process for Shipping via UPS and Common Carrier
Do you ever hesitate to order an auto part    from a company that you don’t know, fearing that it will not be in the condition you were told or better yet that it will just be wrong ? If so, you are among most people in your same situation. Here at Heidelberg Automotive we try to remove all of those fears and concerns. All orders whether big or small, whether being shipped via UPS or Freight Line will be treated in the same manner.

1) When you initially call you will be given an accurate description of the part. Should you be interested in placing the order, you will receive an approximate cost for shipping. The reason we say approximate is because we are satisfied selling the part and do not look to make extra money by over inflating shipping charges. The final shipping cost is determined after the packaging is complete. Our quotes are very accurate, however, if there is any difference, you will updated prior to shipment. We have a great working relationship with multiple freight companies so we will get the best possible price available for you should you need a larger item shipped such as a door or a fender.

2) Should you decide to initiate the ordering process, we will need to get the following information. Your name, telephone number, address, credit card information and most importantly is your email address. WE DO NOT CHARGE YOUR CREDIT CARD OR SHIP THE PART UNTIL WE GET A REPLY BACK TO THE EMAIL THAT WILL BE SENT TO YOU.

3) The part that you order will then be brought to the front office and high resolution digital pictures will be taken of the part. Several pictures will be taken so that all areas of the item will be visible for you to see and make a well informed decision.

4) Once the pictures have been sent, someone from the front office will contact you at the telephone number you provided letting you know they were sent. There is no need to sit around a computer wondering when you will receive them. Your time is much more valuable. Pictures are normally sent within 24 hours of placing the order.

5) The pictures being sent to you via email will simply state the instructions: “If you are happy with what you see please reply back to the email telling us to charge your credit card and ship it out”

6) Once you reply back to the email stating that you wish to order the part, it will normally be sent the same business day if ordered by 12 noon EST or the following day. Some items which require custom built crates may require and extra day. We do our best to get the items shipped as quickly as possible, but our number one goal is to pack the items securely and with adequate packing materials to avoid any damage during the shipping process.

7) Should you decide to cancel the order after reviewing the photos, just give us a quick call stating you wish to cancel and all of your information will be destroyed.

Hopefully our procedures will help to alleviate any apprehension that you may have. We strive to make the process as painless as possible. We want to be your used and aftermarket auto parts provider, not only today, but for years to come.

99640455_scaled_230x346Price Quotes and Efficient Ordering
We know that in today’s busy society it’s a nice alternative to be able to inquire about and order auto parts online. However here at Heidelberg Automotive Inc. we like to take a more personal approach. We like to talk to each and every individual insuring that they are getting the correct parts that they need and given all the options available to best fill their parts needs. Whether it’s used, OEM surplus or aftermarket, one of our associates can assist you in your selection to help you make that best possible choice and at the greatest savings available.

We have a separate toll free phone number set up to handle all incoming nationwide calls. 1-866-999-8733(USED) This will help speed up the inquiry and ordering process so you won’t be put on hold for any lengthy periods. You can also help speed this process by having the last 8 digits of your vehicle identification number readily available if needed. This will allow us to determine just about all your vehicles information should there be any questions about model or options. This will also eliminate the ordering of incorrect parts.

All inquiries will be given a quote number. Should you decide to order the parts quoted just provide that number to one of our sales associates when you call back and they can go directly to that quote eliminating the need to look up all the information for a second time.
We are proud members and participants of Parts Trader, Parts Link, and participate on Several Insurance Co platforms.
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